Dear Applicant!

This is the official page of applicants’ recruitment for employement at InfoSoft Group. Evaluating your interest for employment at our Group, we would like to clarify you that InfoSoft Management Services sh.p.k is the Group’s authorized Company for offering the recruiting services to the candidates.

This company makes sure that for each applicant the data arriving at the database are kept with hight security in the system, while at the same time is dedicated to rigorously implement all the legal framework in protection and respect of any action related to the data presented. Specifically according to the definitions of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, Law in power (Nr. 9887 date 10.03.2008) “For the Protection of Personal Data” and bylaws for implementation.

With the desire to have a more efficient cooperation, we garantee that the processing of your personal data will be done only for the purpose of recruitment at our companies, in function of evaluating your criterias’ adoption for the vacant posts.

Being pointed as controllers and processors, we have undertaken the measurements for protecting your personal data from illegal damages, and/or accidents, losts, manipulations, as well as, their access or spread from unauthorized people.

Refering to the legislation in power dedicated to the protection of personal data, through a request sent at the electronic mail of the official e-mail, you have the right to request a correction of your data, filled willingly during the employment application.

Cliking Accept you give your consent for the processing of the data submitted by you at the application form during the reqruitment phases. The selection process also means that your data can be transfered from Infosoft Management Services shpk at another company within Infosoft Group.

Your data will be stored at our database for a period of 1 year and will be considered for recruitment purposes not only for current vacant posts, but also for other employement opportunities in the future at InfoSoft Group.