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Reception desk’s employees are well trained for proper communication with the customers. It is in our company’s focus to have a trained staff for being always helpful at any moment, polite, and with deep knowledge on the area covered. Their orientation for satisfying the customers’ needs is done through:

  • Smart appearance
  • Professional attitude and acknowledge
  • A will to meet and exceed customers’ expectation
  • A will to enhance perception of all global brands names the company deals with
  • Well trained for verifying the warranty of the products

With the attitude of wanting to offer the best to our clients and satisfying their needs, we have requested the customers’ feedback through a survey handed at the ITD service point or through online. This way we improve every day!



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We are authorized service provider for the majority part of the products / brands we offer. Our aim is to cover 100% the warranty. Our Technical staff has access to the necessary tools, technical libraries, and in all suppliers’ databases to share the technical knowledge and information required for caring out efficiently their tasks. All the data related to certifications or trainings are filed at the Humans Resources Dep. for each respective employee. The Company is careful in undertaking all necessary trainings for maximizing performance and support towards our customers.

  • Online / web based training
  • Face to face “train the trainer” training
  • Face to face / direct training for engineers to the supplier’s premises.
  • CD/ DVD/ Document based training, etc

Despite training the staff, the Quality Management Dep. undertakes audits for measuring the technical personnel’s performance.

Lying upon the information generated from the service program, as well as, periodical audits, the Company measures personnel’s performance, KPI target, SLA, TAT, re-repair cases, SW repairs, parts uses for cases, cases not close, escalation, etc.


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We have our customized service management system,used to:

  • Log service requests
  • Manage priority
  • Maintain customer
  • Call records
  • Escalate issues The system is linked to our sales system and automatically tracks the database for customer data, serial numbers and equipment sold. The systems also identifies:
  • Re-repairs within 30 days
  • Parts used for repair
  • Repair done for each case
  • Time period used to repair and all their entry history
  • Etc.

Our system offers easily warranty period tracking and spare parts inventory check for fast repairing.


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Following the main environment directives ITD shpk covers, the Company has defined regulations for the well-functioning of everyday tasks. They are in compleance with the legal requirements and the policies towards the environment. Environment standards, as well as, standards for recycling / disposing waste as by legal and moral requirements. All employees are responsible for knowledge and awareness of these standards, as well as, their application daily.


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1) IW (In Warranty)

  1. Carry in
  2. Onsite service

We take good care for our customers to be informed for the terms of warranty of each product at the moment of purchase. (Terms of warranty)

2) OOW (Out of Warranty)

After the expiration of the warranty, we offer a wide range of options, both on-site and carry-in. ITD shpk service offers to its customers the opportunity to repair the products out of warranty, HW and SW. We offer guarantee for the repair made at the service point of ITD shpk.

Services offered are:

  • Maintenance, Configuration, Backups
  • Hardware: Repair and Upgrade
  • Copiers: Installation, repair and configuration
  • Laptop, PC, Workstation: Installation, repair and configuration
  • Tablet Repair for the brands Acer, Asus, Lenovo, etc.
  • Smartphone: Asus, Acer


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Our company is an authorized service provider for:

Canon Service Partner



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  • Quality

ITD shpk is a quality certified company, in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2008

  • Safety

ITD shpk is careful in strictly following:

  • Safety of human life at the workplace
  • Safety of the working environment
  • Safety and surveillance of the premises via a closed camera system

The company informs and trains its employees for the technical safety measures at the work place. The technical safety measures at the workplace are handy for the employees by being displayed at the premises.

  • Health & Safety standards at the workplace
  • Technical safety rules at the workplace
  • Technical electric safety rules
  • First aid
  • Accident management at the workplace
  • Instructions on fire protection
  • Action plan in case of emergency



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For improving the operation of the ITD service and for better serving our customers, the Company makes periodical surveys:

  • Printer form at the service location (after filling the form it is placed in the survey box).
  • Phone contacting of the customers via the numbers given at the service location
  • Online survey form

The used surveys have the scope of pinpointing the strong and weak points of our service at our customers’ point of view. These surveys are organized by the Quality Management Dep. or international organizations specialized in this area. The Company records all customers’ feedback with the scope of improving the service quality and problematic points raised from the filled surveys.

ITD SHPK SERVICE Is at your disposal for offering a complete service for the products, not only during the warranty period, but also after its completion.

Address: Tirana Industrial Park, No. of Building 58, Egnatia Street, Postal code: 1051, Behind Megatek, Kashar-Tirane, Albania

Tel: 00355 69 20 99389




Mon-Thur:    8:30 – 18:30

Friday:           8:30 – 17:30

Saturday:      8:30 – 15:30